Red Rocks Reviews Keep 'Pouring' In

Originally posted on June 23, 2003 7:31 PM

Ever since my post about the terrible review Coldplay's Red Rocks show received, I have been getting countless heartfelt emails from people who were lucky enough to attend the show and have nothing but good things to say about the band's performance. Here are just a few examples.

Lisa contributed the following:

Bernie, I stumbled upon your website and read that article from the daily camera paper in Boulder. I attended the Friday night show at Red Rocks and was floored by Coldplay's performance. After missing the show at the Fillmore (not by choice), I was thrilled to just be able to be a part of the audience. They did not disappoint in any way. What started off as a windy, chilly night....with non-stop rain...turned out to be a perfect addition to the fantastic light show and kept the audience dancing. I was very happy to hear "What a wonderful world" thrown in to the mix. All of us would have stayed thru the wee hours to hear more. This band just builds off of each other and I can't wait to see them again. Do they have ANY bad tunes? I think not.

Mia sent in the following:

I recently saw ColdPlay live at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO on Friday, June 5 and Friday, June 6. There is only one word to describe it: FANTASTIC. But that doesn't even start to give it justice. Even the bands that started for them were fabulous, especially the Texas band Eisley. Friday's show was a little cold, but dry. I went with my mom about an hour before the gates opened and got 2 general admission tickets just like that. I did tat same with my brother on Saturday. Both nights we managed to get 10th row seats! It was even colder and pouring down rain. We got soaked but it was all worth it. ColdPlay gave us 3 encores! They're such an awesome band.

Lisa and Mia aren't the only ones who have been sending in reviews, though. Ron sent in the following about the Chicago show:

Not many shows today can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and complete joy. Coldplay was definitely a rush of blood to the system.

Concerning their Ontario gig, Colleen said the following:

I'm writing from Ontario, we just had the coldplay 'experience' on Wednesday night when we saw them at the Molson Ampitheatre. My review is short, and hopefully sweet. There is no recording company, that can capture the magic they transmit while performing live. It is a wonderous spell they cast while their music envelopes you....another world if you will, one moment off this planet and into their minds. I did not want to leave.

And last but not least, Carter wrote in with a very concise description of two California shows:

Saw the shows in Sacramento and San Francisco. Excellent stuff. Very electric atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! Look for more from our friends in Scandinavia toward the end of June!

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