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Originally posted on June 03, 2003 8:52 PM

Apparently that Wener guy who had nothing but negative things to say about Coldplay's recent Hollywood Bowl show (see previous news) was sitting in a different section than Jason Upright, who wrote in with the following review:

"[The] Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles...[was] the perfect setting for an outdoor Coldplay show. Classy, natural, and epic. It's truly a beautiful venue, rich with history, and set into the side of the Hollywood Hills.

"The band performed two new songs during their regular set. One was a very driving, U2-ish number that was far more straight ahead rock than anything the guys have written before. Chris played electric guitar on this one. They didn't give the name. The other new one was a more traditional, mid-tempo CP tune with Chris back at the piano. This one was called 'Moses'. After a couple of staged encores, the Bowl cheered long enough to bring the boys back out one last time. Chris announced they'd try a brand new one 'just written that day' that had 'never been performed live anywhere before'. Again, he didn't give a song title. But, this too was a very uptempo, driving, rock number with Chris on electric guitar. Perhaps this is a sign of what's to come? All in all, this show was the absolute BEST I have ever seen the band yet."

Thanks, Jason!

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