Conflicting Reviews

Originally posted on June 03, 2003 1:01 AM

Coldplay's recent Hollywood Bowl gig got a terrible review over at the Orange County Register, thanks to writer Ben Wener. To list off only a few of the disses in his review, Wener described the show as "underwhelming" and "less compelling" than last time they were in town; described their stage lighting effects as "third-rate" (I just saw them a week ago and the lighting was spectacular); said that Chris Martin has yet to become a "captivating persona" and that he "needs to spend less time hobnobbing with Gwyneth and more time witnessing the world's injustices firsthand." He also had the nerve to call the band's new song, 'Moses,' "sappy," calling the lyrics "downright cheesy." Where did this guy come from, and what's his deal? If you feel like giving him a piece of your mind (especially if you were at the show), feel free to email him.

If you feel like getting that "bad review" taste out of your mouth, head on over to The San Francisco Gate, where they've got an excellent review of Coldplay's recent Shoreline Amphitheater gig. Amazing how they could be so good one night and so "underwhelming" another, isn't it? Don't get me started ;)

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