Sasquatch Festival Review

Originally posted on May 25, 2003 5:44 PM

I had the honor of seeing Coldplay perform at the Gorge Amphitheater yesterday as part of the Sasquatch Festival. If you've never been to the Gorge before, it could make any concert a memorable experience due to its fantastic view and atmosphere, so needless to say being in that type of setting seeing one of the greatest bands on earth was quite astounding.

After showing up at around noon and catching other acts like Jurassic 5, the Eisleys, Modest Mouse and the Flaming Lips, the moment we all were waiting for came after dusk at around 9:30pm. Coldplay ran onto the stage and began with their usual opener, Politik. At first it seemed like we were in for another fantastic show from the band, but as it turned out we were in for more than that. Chris Martin was in high spirits last night and was full of energy. His voice sounded better than I have heard it at any concert, and I wouldn't just say that because I was there. After the fourth song in their set, 'Daylight,' Chris mentioned how beautiful a night it was and that everyone in attendance should appreciate what an experience they were having, so he asked that we all yell as loud as we could so that "they can hear us in San Francisco." The croud went nuts, and then Chris said "and now we're going to play 'The Scientist,' a song to get you all depressed."

The song was beautifully performed, and I was happy to hear 'A Rush of Blood to the Head,' shortly after. Chris once again asked us to yell and show our appreciation of the situation we were in and the beauty of our surroundings, before bolting out the lyrics to 'Don't Panic,' "...we live in a beautiful world." 'Everything's Not Lost' was not only played incredibly, but had a few extra lines added, such as "if you can't remember where your tent is" (in reference to the campsite adjacent to the Gorge Amphitheater. At the end of the song, Chris tagged on a few lines in honor of the Flaming Lips, singing "Oh Yoshimi, you won't let those robots defeat me." I'm sure the "Lips" were pleased.

Immediately after that song, Chris donned his electric guitar and the band broke into their new song, "Moses." I was excited to hear it, as I've only been able to hear some poorly recorded bootleg copies of the song prior to last night. The song is amazing and you can really tell the band has been building on it since they first began performing it. 'Yellow' and its mesmorizing orange and yellow lights followed, with another trademark sing-along from the crowd. After a beautiful rendition of 'Amsterdam,' the band left the stage.

After a frenzy of screaming and clapping from the crowd, the band retook the stage and performed two more songs, 'Clocks' and 'In My Place.' It was fun to see Chris dancing and hopping all over the stage, making his abundant energy and love for the music no secret. At one point he even started doing leg-kicks and said "Yoga" into the mic. Although the set was a bit shorter than I would have liked (this was to be expected, I suppose, since they were playing a festival with many other acts), I really was impressed by the energy the band, especially Chris, put into the music last night. It was also a real treat to hear some songs I hadn't heard live before, like 'ARoBttH,' 'Amsterdam,' and 'Moses.' For those of you who are still awaiting the band to come through your town, buckle your seatbelts 'cause you're in for an amazing experience.

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
One I Love
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost

In My Place

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