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Originally posted on May 25, 2003 4:28 PM

"Mrs. Wolverine" wrote in with a great review of her experience at Coldplay's latest gig in Vancouver:

About an hour ago, the concert ended. My friend and I were volunteers for 'Fair Trade', something that Chris Martin and the bands supports, and we were setting up before the concert at GM Place in Vancouver. We heard the pounding of the drums and the guitar, and I just felt all of the hairs on my body raise. Not only do I support Fair Trade, I also happen to be a huge Coldplay fan ! My friend and I put on our 'Make Trade Fair' t-shirts and said, what the hell, and went downstrairs, where, to our surprise, comes Chris! My friend started shaking while I just approached him very slowly. He seemed pretty tired, but he was extremely friendly and not ignorant or cocky at all, which I was surprised at.

After he signed my shirt and a couple of autographs for my friends, I told him that I really loved the band and that he has so much 'power' to do great things like support 'Fair Trade' as a 'star'. He looked at me and laughed briefly, saying "I'm not a star!" I don't know why I didn't fall down right there. He's such a great person, I never expected him to be so nice.

Later when the concert started, everything went smoothly except when Chris coughed when doing 'Amsterdam', and the crowd laughed with him. The songs that stood out were 'Scientist' (when ALL of the lighters came out), 'Clocks', and of course, 'Yellow'. Everyone stood up on their feet and sang along with Chris on 'Yellow', it was probably the best part of the show. Not only did I get to meet Chris, but because of my Fair Trade t-shirt, I got to push through and be right infront of the band! They're so awesome live- I think that it's one of the best concerts that I've been to!

For me, the best part was in the end. Everyone was clapping and I had to close my ears because of the noise the crowd made when Coldplay was leaving. They said a bunch of thank-you's and bowed, and then they pointed to us, in the white t-shirts, and said, thank you! I'm meltiiiiiing. They're such a great band AND they support organizations like Fair Trade. They're a bunch of simple guys with awesome band, that's all I gotta say. Coldplay will definitely be up there with the best rock bands, maybe soon as big as Radiohead.

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