Shaw Conference Centre Review

Originally posted on May 21, 2003 9:05 PM

There's a pretty decent review of Coldplay's set at the Shaw Conference Centre last night over at the Edmonton Journal. According to the review, bands were treated to a new song last night, called "For Me," but I'm guessing it is the song "Poor Me" that most of us have already heard about. There are some other interesting tidbits as well, so be sure to read the review.

On another note, Toni wrote in to say the following:

"Coldplay is featured on week-ends, (Fri, Sat, Sun) for the whole month of May on the Freeview presentation on Directv, channel 103. It is their concert from the Vic Theatre last August, and it runs 55 minutes and features 3 songs that the MTV2 show did not have: Clocks, Spies and Shiver. Also, the camera angles are different. The program shares with another show, but is on continuously. Still a couple of week-ends left!!! If you know of anyone who would like to trade any VHS (or anything Coldplay) for a VHS copy of this show, please have them email me. Thanks!!!"

Thanks for the info, Toni. I actually managed to catch this Freeview special by accident a few days before I got the email, and I have to say it is a must-see. If you've got DirecTV, be sure to catch it before the promotion ends.

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