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Originally posted on March 17, 2003 9:04 PM

Kyle was kind enough to write in with a review and setlist of the March 10th gig in Louisville. His review is as follows:

Hi, I was lucky enough to witness the Louisville 3-10-03 show and wanted to pass along the setlist and a few quick thoughts.

The Louisville Palace is a beautiful concert hall (check out some pics of the theater at the website www.louisvillepalace.com) and I am so glad Louisville was lucky enough to host them. We had great seats (2nd row, center stage) thanks to the pre-sale warning from the Coldplay newsletter. The opening act, The Music, were very cool-- very Led Zeppelin like and a great jam band. Nothing could prepare me for the main event, though.

I've seen many great concerts-- Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band (3 times), U2, Prince (6 times), Foo Fighters,... Maybe I'm still in shock, but this may be my favorite concert experience so far. Okay, at least in the top 3. Witness Prince play guitar is still number one. At any rate, I was moved. This concert was a spiritual-like experience that I will never forget. The show was broadcast live on WFPK 91.9FM Louisville and rebroadcast after the concert. It was great to hear it again on the ride home.

The band was tight and delivered a powerful performance, without missing a beat. The end of the show was cool. Chris came out alone for a 2nd encore and played a new song, "Proof," with acoustic guitar-- a great song.

The only downer for the night-- I paid $30 for a concert tee only to find too late that the date printed for my Louisville show is wrong (listed as 3-20-03 instead of the 10th).


God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
One I Love
Rush Of Blood To The Head
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Moses (?)
The Scientist

1st Encore
In My Place
Ladder to the Sun

2nd Encore
Proof (Chris on acoustic guitar, solo)

Thanks, Kyle!

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