Pittsburgh and Columbus Reviews

Originally posted on March 17, 2003 8:57 PM

Jonathan wrote in last week to share his review of both the Pittsburgh (March 2nd) and Columbus (March 9th) shows. His reviews go as follows:

I saw Coldplay both last Sunday in Pittsburgh at the AJ Palumbo center and also last night at the PromoWest Provilion in Columbus. So the Pittsburgh show was really good. I don't have set lists (sorry) but can tell you that it is pretty much like there first trip through the States. Songs that came to mind: opening with Politik, a nice playing of Warning Signs, the new Moses and Ladder to the Sun. Chris also played solo on the keys, a song he said he recently wrote called Waterfalls and that when it would be recorded, there would be a lot of trumpets and horns involved. For the encore they opened with Clocks I believe, played In My Place and a few others. What was also a big note is that it was Chris's birthday that night (March 2nd) and everyone sang happy birthday to him before the encore.

To top all of THAT off, where our seats were ( last row on the floor, far left) we were positioned by this make-shift back stage area. Well, about 3/4th's of the way into it, I look behind us, past the barricade and see Chris's girlfriend, none other than Gwenyth Paltrow catching the last few songs. I have to say, she wasn't all dolled up Hollywood style and she was dancing around like a fool, but what the hell. That was somewhat a thrill. Word was out that since the show sold out, the local station aired it live on the radio so hopefully some bootlegs will start surfacing.

The Columbus show as good again last night but shorter. All the same songs played although this time A Rush Of Blood to the Head was played which I believe was left out in Pittsburgh. Chris had trouble getting through the Scientist ( I believe ) and a few other songs due to the giggles. He mentioned that they were getting close to the end of the tour and were giggling a lot. For the first encore they came out and played Clocks and then In My Place and surprisingly left right after that. Well, enough fans screamed loud and long enough so Chris came out solo and played one last song on his acoustic. He gave no name to the song other than admitting it was for his girlfriend.

Thanks Jonathan for the great reviews!

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