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Originally posted on March 09, 2003 9:39 PM

As posted previous to this update, 99x New Rock was nice enough to re-broadcast Coldplay's gig from March 6th, 2003 tonight on the air and online. However, even though their site says "in its entirety," apparently that phrase has a different meaning for them than it does for most of us. They decided to leave off the final song (which I'm guessing was "Ladder to the Sun" and the only one I really really wanted to hear), so I was unable to record it for all of you! I guess you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, though, so I should say it was nice hearing another great Coldplay show. I did manage to record a few of the tracks, and they are here for you to download:

I'm sure hearing these tracks has got some people in Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Minnesota pretty psyched, as they are being treated to Coldplay live in Ohio tonight, then Louisville tomorrow night, Milwaukee on Wednesday, and Minneapolis Thursday, to close out the U.S. part of the tour. Then it's off to London, France and Germany to kick off the European leg of the tour. Look forward to hearing more on those shows before long!

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