Happy Birthday Chris!

Originally posted on March 01, 2003 11:36 PM

Looks like the folks at The Daily Standard didn't appreciate Chris Martin's apparent anti-war sentiment at the Brit Awards, when he said "Awards are essentially nonsense. We're all going to die when George Bush has his way. It's good to go out with a bang." The did, however, appreciate the band's performance at the Grammys.

Just in case you do happen to share Martin's view on world affairs, though, you might want to give this article at KnoxNews a read, though. My favorite line? "Occasionally you run into a photographer or something. Just when you start to think, 'I'm a huge rock star,' there are 50 people in the airport with you who have no idea who you are or a guy serving you a sandwich who gets angry with you because you haven't got the right change." Chris never fails to crack me up.

And finally, a very happy birthday to Chris Martin who turns 26 on March 2nd!

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