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Originally posted on February 15, 2003 9:30 PM

Well, it is time for us to get all caught up with what the boys in Coldplay are up to, is it not? On the gossip side of things there has been talk all over the web about Chris' and Gwyneth's apparent break-up. An article at RTE Interactive reports that when asked about the break-up, Chris said "he'd never even met her, and then joked that he was actually going out with Julia Roberts." Another at IOL reports that Gwyneth "had told friends all along that the Briton was just an 'in between' lover, helping her get over the recent death of her father and the shock of ex-fiance Ben Affleck's engagement to Jennifer Lopez." Who knows if any of this is true.

Okay, enough with the rumors. Let's get down to the facts. Coldplay apparently tore it up at this year's NME Awards. SoundGenerator has a list of all the winners, which includes Coldplay's three awards for Album of the Year, Best LP and Most Sexy Man (Chris Martin).

Now on to tour news. Fans from all over the place have been writing in like crazy and submitting reviews of some of the band's recent gigs. Eli Burrell sent in a review he did for What's Up in New York. The review covers Coldplay's February 4th gig at Memorial Hall in Kansas City. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite: "the place was wall to wall with people ages twelve to sixty swaying back and forth, jumping up and down and singing in unison every word from Chris Martin's mouth." Be sure to read the review!

Sharon wrote in to let me know about a pre-Grammy gig Coldplay will be playing at with Pete Yorn, called "Blue Grammy Party." If you are interested in nabbing tickets you can give it your best shot at Ticketmaster, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the show is already sold out. Thanks go out to Sharon for sending in this info!

I hope to have more tour related news soon, so keep checking back!

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