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Originally posted on February 03, 2003 2:45 PM

An article at MTV today unveils that the band has been throwing in bits and pieces of Justin Timberlake's 'Like I Love You' and Destiny's Child's 'Independent Women, Pt. 1' into their recent '03 tour shows. The article reports, in addition, that "the group has also been trying out three or four new songs that might appear on the follow-up to 'A Rush of Blood to the Head.'"

"We always try to play the songs in sound check, but you can gauge a song much better when you're playing it as a performance rather than just practice," drummer Will Champion said. "It's important that you start playing it and work out where the weaknesses are and work out where the strong points are, and so on. Use the audience like guinea pigs, you know?"

Apparently the band hopes to begin recording the follow-up sometime in September, once they've finished touring for their now almost Platinum sophomore record. The album is an almost sure bet for Platinum status, as the band is planning on releasing a new video for "Clocks" in the United States sometime later this month. Their appearance at the Grammys is sure to help as well (remember what it did for U2 and their latest album?), as they will be performing at the awards ceremony. The band has reservations about the gig, nonetheless:

"Playing at awards shows is always quite tough because you've got a tough crowd," Champion said. "They're all musicians, and quite a few of them are great and some are not so great. It's not like you're playing in front of your fans."

For those of you getting excited about hearing Justin Timberlake covers (hopefully there are no more than 10 of you out there), here's a rundown of Coldplay's upcoming gigs for February:

  • February 3rd - St. Louis, MO at Savvis Center
  • February 4th - Kansas City, KS at Memorial Hall
  • February 6th - Denver, CO at Fillmore Auditorium
  • February 7th - Salt Lake City, UT at SaltAir Pavilion
  • February 9th - Phoenix, AZ at Dodge Theatre
  • February 24th - Ottawa, ON at Corel Centre
  • February 25th - Montreal, QC at Bell Centre
  • February 27th - Wallingford, CT at Oakdale Theatre
  • February 28th - Camden, NJ at Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
And finally, for those fans over in Europe, you can look forward to seeing Coldplay this summer at the T in the Park festival in Scotland, July 13th. REM headlines the previous day for an event that is now in its 10th year. If you think Coldplay are playing a lot of new material now, imagine what they'll be hearing in Scotland by summertime!

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