It Feels Good to Give

Originally posted on January 04, 2003 9:45 PM

Coldplay are planning to donate a tenth of everything they earn to charity, according to reports.

The band have set up a bank account to store ten per cent of all royalties from record sales, merchandise and concert receipts.

It will be shared out to charities chosen by the band, which is fronted by Chris Martin.

#Music experts estimate Coldplay earned #5million in 2002 alone - raising 500,000 for needy causes.

And later this month the band begin a lucrative American tour.

Chris is a supporter of Oxfam's Fair Trade cause, which campaigns to end the exploitation of Third World businesses by big-money Western firms.

He headlined a fund-raising gig for the charity in October, along with Ms Dynamite, reports The Sun.

Source: Ananova

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