Plutonian Accent?

Originally posted on December 29, 2002 11:44 PM

Missy Elliott isn't the only one flipping songs in reverse these days. Chris Martin recently sang Coldplay's entire "The Scientist" backward.

"I learned it on the way from Las Vegas to San Diego in the summer," Martin said. "It was weird. It makes you sound like you're from Pluto or something, not that there's anyone on Pluto, but you know."

Martin learned this impressive feat not out of boredom, but for the video for the song, the third single from Coldplay's second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Director Jamie Thraves (Travis, Blur) shot the clip, which has already been airing in Britain, with Martin singing in reverse, and then Thraves flipped it in postproduction.

Martin wanted to follow-up "In My Place" and "Clocks" with the mellow "The Scientist" because "it's not a sappy love song."

He wouldn't say much more about the song, though. Having discussed A Rush of Blood to the Head in countless interviews by now, he said he's started to feel like he's "living inside a Kmart advert."

"We seem to always talk about ourselves and how good our album is to try and sell it to people," he said, "and part of me has just stopped believing that we're any good."

If he needed any reassurance, he got it when Coldplay stole the show at KROQ-FM's Almost Acoustic Christmas (see "Audioslave Deliver Like Santa Claus, Creed Booed At Radio Show").

In addition to singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," Martin took part in an all-star rendition of Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Martin said he couldn't say no to Beck and the Flaming Lips, who organized the performance, even though singing with other bands isn't exactly his cup of tea.

"We get asked to do funny things from time to time, but for me, doing collaborations is kind of like how I imagine it is when you sleep with someone else's wife," he explained. "I mean they're fun, but I'll always regret them in the morning, not that I've slept with someone else's wife. ... The thing is, if you do a collaboration and you're really good, you think, 'Well, I wish I'd done that with our band.' And then if you do a collaboration and you're really bad, you think, 'Oh, I shouldn't have ever done that.' "

Coldplay have gone back to Britain for the holidays but will return for a two-month tour beginning January 21 in Orlando.

"We're touring until alien invasions occur and prevent the world from existing any longer," Martin joked.


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