NME Tracks Down Stage Goer

Originally posted on July 03, 2002 10:58 PM

26 year old Patrick Harvey, who courageously hopped on stage and stole the mic away from Chris during Coldplay's performance at the Royal Festival Hall, has been tracked down by NME.com.

When asked about his decision to get on stage, Harvey said "I was surprised that no one was trying to jump on the stage themselves. Because the stage was so low and there was nobody about I just bent my leg and up I was! I think someone came on stage to get me and Chris (Martin) waved him away."

Apparently Harvey's girlfriend was more than impressed by the stunt, as were Natalie Imbruglia and several other Coldplay fans, who eventually congratulated him on his efforts.

For more on the man who sang "Yellow," see NME.com.

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