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Originally posted on November 17, 2002 2:38 PM

Today's a pretty big weekend for Coldplay fans in the U.S. Tickets for their January/February U.S. tour have now gone on sale. Hopefully all of you that plan on seeing them this time around have managed to get some tickets. They haven't announced a date for Seattle yet, so it's still up in the air as to whether I'll have a chance to see them or not.

There's an interesting article over at NME that talks about Chris Martin spending time with P. Diddy and Robbie Williams. According to Chris, "Robbie, P Diddy, all those other people, they are just normal people. It's all bollocks. But I'm loving it anyway!" You can read the article, which discusses some other big names in entertainment as well, at NME's website.

Ireland Online is reporting that Coldplay's new single for 'The Scientist' has debuted at the #10 spot on the UK singles chart. It will be interesting to see where it shows up over here in the U.S., given that the single over here is an entirely different song.

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