Chris and Gwyneth an Item

Originally posted on November 05, 2002 8:45 PM

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has admitted he has been dating Gwyneth Paltrow.

He says he went on a secret night out with the "beautiful" actress [over] the weekend.

But the singer says they are not an item yet.

"I'm proud to be with someone who's very nice and very beautiful but she's not my girlfriend at the moment," he told The Sun.

"I feel out of my depth with all this. I met her for the first time at our gig at Wembley two weeks ago.

"It's early days. I got her number, rang her and asked if she wanted to meet. We went out at the weekend and we seem to get on.

"We met up as friends and nothing has happened. We had a good time though. I don't know when we're going out again. I feel uncomfortable talking about her. We're just becoming friends."

Gwyneth has been to several Coldplay concerts, including recent gigs at Wembley Arena and Dublin.

Chris added: "This is all very weird because she's a big Hollywood star and I'm just the bloke from Coldplay."

Source: Ananova

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