Chris' Midnight Shopping

Originally posted on October 26, 2002 5:37 AM

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has shown he is one of David Gray's biggest fans - by buying five copies of his new album at its launch.

The singer was among the fans who turned up to a midnight opening session at HMV in Dublin to buy A New Day At Midnight.

Staff at the store offered him complimentary copies of the LP but the singer still gave them 100 Euros so they could buy themselves a drink.

Martin was in the city to play shows at The Point venue and popped in to the store as he was passing.

Gray had signed 100 copies of the album for the early hours opening.

A store spokesman said: "The staff recognised him and a rep gave him the albums for free but Chris wanted to pay, so instead he gave the HMV staff the money to buy themselves a drink."

Source: Ananova

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