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Originally posted on July 02, 2002 4:44 PM

A very nice girl over at PlayLouder.com, Melissa, had the following to say when I asked why Coldplay's set was not being webcast on their site:

"There are a lot of reasons, really. First of all, we were restricted by the bands that BBC filmed, and those were only the ones on the Pyramid and Other Stages after 1pm (so Coldplay would've been okay on that count). The other big factor was getting clearance from the bands and their record companies, and sadly, quite a few did not wish to be webcast. I don't know whether Coldplay specifically fell into this category, as another person in the office spoke to the record companies and worked out the legalities involved."

"It probably won't make you feel any better, but they did put on a stunning performance with lots of new songs, so I wish you the best and hope you get to see them in the flesh very soon."

"cheers, melissa"

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