What Kind of Review is That?

Originally posted on October 09, 2002 9:09 PM

John Mulvey, over at dotmusic, has managed to write one of the least-impressive, and coincidentally least-impressed, reviews I've read so far this tour. Here are just a few of the "lowlights" from his review:

  • "That's when it comes: the hardly-fresh realisation that big straight rock you've never liked much can, when translated into such a communal experience, be not exactly moving, but certainly quite touching."

  • "[Coldplay has been] making decent, fairly obvious music."

  • "Martin, meanwhile, spends 90 minutes working very hard at pretending he's some kind of ingenue who just woke up in a stadium rock band. Some of his spontaneity seems a bit forced as a result, not least the snatches of cover versions he interpolates into his own songs once or twice too often."

  • "Sometimes, too, his piano-man balladeering suggests a less-than-appealing future as an Elton John in Japanese jeans."
Japanese jeans? I'm not even going to go there. This review did nothing more than piss me off, but if you're intrigued (or infuriated), you can check it out at dotmusic.

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