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Originally posted on September 21, 2002 2:46 AM

I've got another great review for all of you tonight, thanks to Flora, who was kind enough to send in her thoughts on Coldplay's show at the Jones Beach Theater in New York Thursday night. Her review is as follows:

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm but Ash went on about 10 minutes later and rocked the house! Their music was heavier rock than Coldplay's, but they were still great. Ash's frontman asked how everyone was doing and said, "this is Thursday night, right? The best day of the least it is according to us," or something close to that. He also asked if the crowd was digging their music and of coure, everybody cheered. After their performance, Ash said a quick thanks and left the stage.

About 45 minutes later (a long wait), Coldplay walked on stage while the early notes to "Politik" were still playing in the background. Chris said a quick "hello" to the crowd and then started to bang really hard on the piano to begin the song. Coldplay was simply perfect and amazing!! They were all very energetic and into the music.

One of my personal favorites was when they performed "Shiver." This song is very loud, catchy and up beat. Chris kept jumping up and down and all around the stage during that song while he was playing the guitar. Before the band came to the end of the song, where Chris sings "and it's you I see, but you don't see me," he lovingly said to his band mates, "Come on Boys!!!" and then the music just went to full blast from there, as the four of them wildly played on to finish up the song (the stage looked like it was going to explode w/ all the lights going off everywhere). But because Chris was jumping all over the stage, he ran out of breath a little bit at the end and struggled to sing out "but you paid me no attension, and you know how much I need you, but you never even seen me." The crowd reacted to this and laughed. So yeah, it was very cute.

The next funny incident happened before the band was going to play "Trouble." I cannot remember it exactly, but Chris said something like "thank you so much for coming out to see us play on this lovely (or gorgeous) night...I hope you guys are not disappointed to see us because we are not Nsync and they are better looking than we are...we are Coldplay and you are stuck here with us tonight so we hope you'll enjoy...Guy will try his best to be Justin Timberlake..but he'll just fuck up at that so...but anyways, we've got more heart and soul, more beautiful ballads then they do and this next one is one of those is only composed of 5 keys and became a huge hit." Then they played "Trouble" and before the last verse of the song, Chris stopped and told us that he wanted us to sing it and the words were (they spun a web for me 3x). He then also added that after we finished singing it, he wanted us to go nuts over them like one of those pretty boy bands. So after the we sang the last verse, Chris stopped playing and said "okay, now go NUTS!!" Oh we DID. The crowd was screaming like crazy and I couldn't even hear my own voice. Chris was very pleased with this and looked up at Jonny and smiled. It was a very sweet moment. But wait, there's more. Chris played the piano notes from "Trouble" some more and started to sing "oh baby it ain't no lie, bye bye bye" from Nsync's "Bye Bye Bye" for like a minute or two to end "Trouble". It was hilarious!! The crowd went wild.

Chris also sang a few notes from Nelly's "Hot in Herr" towards the end of "Everything's Not Lost." It was also very funny because people can clearly see from the big screen TVs that he was sweating like a monster and there he was, playing the piano and singing "I am so hot, I wanna take my clothes's geting hot in here..." It was priceless.

Before the band was going to play "Green Eyes," Chris joked around and said something like how he hopes that they are not going to turn out like one of those bands that people forget about and end up playing on a cruise ship. Chris said that he can just see themselves in their 50s, playing "Yellow" for a bunch of old people on the cruise. He also said something like "People here just think that we are a bunch of miserable bastards from England, but we are actually quite happy, single fellows."

I think it was after "Green Eyes" that the band went on to play "Yellow" (stage was filled with yellow lights). Chris told us that he wanted us to stand up for this song and sing along with him. So we all did and trust me when I say this, it was the most beautiful feeling ever when the whole entire crowd was singing together.

Coldplay played 2 or 3 more songs afterwards, and Chris said that he was afraid that the concert was going all too quickly. But he said that after they play this last song (A Rush of Blood to the Head, I think it was during this song when Jonny was playing the guitar that Chris said to the crowd that Jonny's the greatest guitar player in the world and the crowd cheered), they are going off stage and coming out again a few minutes later for encore. Chris then said quick thanks to us for coming from such a long way to see them perform.

When Coldplay went off stage, most of the people in the theater were standing up and cheering "Coldplay, Coldplay" on and on and on because they were very anxious to see them do the encore. Finally, the band came out again about 5 minutes later (Chris changed into a white shirt) and did "Clocks", "In My Place" (very beautiful 'cause the white lights where everywhere on the stage, even the TV screens turned white at the background), and "Life is for Living." Before Chris sang the very last song, he told us that he wanted us to remember 3 things. 1) he wanted us to please check out the site and get to know about it more. 2) thanked us again and again for coming out to see them. 3) Chris said that he cannot remember and that he'll post it to us or something (LOL).

Then, after their final performance for the night, the whole band took a group bow for the crowd and Will clapped his hands high above his head as they walked off stage. Coldplay's performance was truly phenomenal. It was touching, exciting, hilarious, and most of all, passionate. I still get excited now just thinking about the concert. They are the BEST, period.

And now, to put an end to a really long (but great) news post, here are some reminders about Coldplay's upcoming appearances on television:

  • 9/22 - Coldplay on Much Music USA at 7pm Eastern
  • 9/27 - Coldplay perform live on Late Night with Conan O' Brien on NBC at 12:35am Eastern (You can also catch this on the 27th on Comedy Central at 7pm Eastern)
  • 9/30 - Repeat of performance on Late Night with Conan O' Brien on Comedy Central at 1pm Eastern
  • 9/30 - $2 Bill repeat on MTV2 at 2:30am Eastern

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