Oxfam Contest, KROQ and CBS News

Originally posted on September 19, 2002 7:41 PM

Oxfam announced the winners of their 'Coldplay Competition' today. The following information comes directly from their site:

The winners of the first prize, who will receive "A Rush of Blood to the Head" t-shirt and album, are:

Benjamin Krog, Denmark
Xavier Sorolla, Spain
Mireia Pars Valncia, Spain
Stefanie Ubrig, Spain
Shane Corbett, United States

The runners-up, who will receive "A Rush of Blood to the Head" t-shirt and poster, are:

Saminder Gaheer, England
Choi Yee Wong, United States
Andy Barron, United States
Jane Brooker-Wood, England
Victoria Lyall, England

Congratulations to everyone that won! Even those of us (me included) that didn't win a prize, we did get a little bit of extra knowledge out of the deal, so you can't complain about that.

KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles has an audio link up on their site for listening to some acoustic tracks and an interview with Chris Martin. When asked what his expectations were for 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' in terms of the U.S. charts, he replied, "I thought maybe it would limp into the top 300." To listen directly, click here.

And finally, the following comes from the website for CBS News Sunday Morning:

A new British band just starting out on their journey has made a great album. Coldplay are a quartet of private school kids who had a big international hit last year with a song called "Yellow." For their second CD, they were determined to raise the ante and they pull it off. "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is smart, thoughtful, and heartfelt. It's full of a quality that's been in short supply on the pop charts lately -- soul. I don't know if Coldplay will last 40 years, but they're off to a great start.

Thanks to John for forwarding me this link.

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