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Originally posted on September 19, 2002 3:57 PM

First off, I want to thank those of you who have been supporting this site and sending in information and reviews/setlists. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Now on to the good stuff...Coldplay news and reviews. Eric was kind enough to forward me an article from the Las Vegas Sun called "Coldplay coolly sets the tone." In the article, Kirk Baird, the author, writes "there were no awkward moments, no ill-timed songs. Just near-perfect pacing by...Coldplay as the band deftly worked through its two-album catalog, mixing upbeat and plaintive tunes with precision." You can read the article in its entirety at the Las Vegas Sun.

Lora from over at Hot & Coldplay offerred to share her review of Coldplay's recent Baltimore gig with us. Highlights include Chris remark about Baltimore's reputation as the "crack capitol of the world" and a cover of "Streets of Baltimore" (Glaser/Howard). The review is a great read, and you can check it out over at Lora's site.

And then there's another album review over at cMusicWeb, in which 'The Scientist' is described as a "wondrous, piano-laden diary of reflective love that is painfully awakened by the reminder that the love has to go." Jason Ewert did a great job writing this review, and I want to thank him for pointing me in its direction.

And now on to the news. Coldplay can be heard performing 'In My Place' on New York's KROCK Radio by visiting their Audio Section or by clicking here.

'A Rush of Blood to the Head' is still going strong in the U.S. and is now positioned at #8 on Billboard's albums chart.

That's all for now, but don't worry...there will be more soon.

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