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Originally posted on September 16, 2002 2:18 AM

When he was asked last year to name some of his favorite current bands, Ringo Starr quickly tabbed Coldplay, proving once again that the former Beatle's good taste goes beyond his choice of musical mates.

Students at London's University College, Coldplay busted out of the UK when their 2000 debut, "Parachutes" -- powered by the radio favorite "Yellow" -- sold more than 5 million copies. This follow-up is even better, and fans of acts like Radiohead, Travis and Starsailor should lock into cuts such as the gorgeous "In My Place" or the pulsating, piano-based "Clocks." Singer Chris Martin is a commanding presence, and his soaring, multi-octave melodies drive the sound. But the rhythm section is airtight and the songs are intricately arranged, lyrically provocative and laced with hooks. Check out the album-opening hard drive of "Politik," which was penned on Sept. 13 last year, or the gutsy "A Whisper," late in the set.

The album is strong from start to finish, one of the most musically satisfying of the season, from a band overflowing with talent.

Source: Access Atlanta

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