Atlanta Show Cancelled?

Originally posted on September 16, 2002 2:05 AM

This is still just a rumor, as I've heard nothing about it online from official sources, but Coldplay's show last night in Atlanta was apparently cancelled due to rain. I found the following post in the Coldplay newsgroup:

"The show at the Masquerade in Atlanta was cancelled last night due to rain, but Chris and Jonny hung around to watch Ash play inside the club (Coldplay were scheduled to play outside; the indoor venue only holds about 1,000 people). I was among the fans standing by the side of the stage, and the guys were 10 feet from us. I got Jonny's attention and he came over...I told him how much I love the new CD and asked if the band might come out and play a song or two. He said no, the other 2 guys left already, and he mentioned that the band might come back next year to make up the show. He was a really cool guy! Not bragging, just thought the group would like to hear the story." - Matt

I'm waiting on a setlist/review of the Atlanta show from a contact, so hopefully that will confirm the news or prove otherwise. Stay tuned...

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