Chris Martin


Chris Martin was born on March 2, 1977 in Devon, England. His mother was a teacher and his father was an accountant. He has four younger siblings in his family, and he was in a band by the time he had turned 15. He studied Ancient World Studies at University College in London and worked as a sign painter before joining Coldplay. He is today the frontman of Coldplay, providing lead vocals, piano, and rhythm guitar, and he is currently dating Gwyneth Paltrow, a famous actress.



  • 2 x Fender 'Hotrod' DeVille Combos


  • Martin Acoustics
  • Fender Telecaster Deluxe x 2
  • Rickenbacker 360 12 String
  • Gibson 335


  • Boss DDL
  • Boss TU2


  • Yamaha GT20 Piano
  • Kawai MP9000


"In my mind, when God made women, he did an amazing job. I think girls are just perfect."

"I couldn't be happier if I tried. I'm in what I regard as being the greatest job I could ever have dreamed of with my best friends. But just when you sit back and rest on your laurels and go 'Great, Rush Of Blood... got four out of five in that magazine,' then you hear Hot In Herre by Nelly or something and think, 'God, we haven't got anything as good as that'. It's constantly trying to compete with what you think is brilliant!"

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