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Thank you for visiting Bernie's Coldplay Site. Here you will find tons of Coldplay information, including band photos, up-to-the-minute news, a fan discussion forum, and much more. Bernie's Coldplay Site was founded by Bernie Zimmermann on June 21, 2002. Bernie is dedicated to providing Coldplay fans with a site they can count on for all things Coldplay. For questions or comments regarding Bernie's Coldplay Site, contact Bernie. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to come back soon.

What's New

As of late November 2006, Bernie's Coldplay Site has been completely redesigned to focus on some of the most popular features of the site. Long-time visitors will still recognize the structure of all the information, but features such as "Recently Viewed Photos" and "Recently Read News" in the sidebar show off what other Coldplay fans are checking out at any given time. In addition, the bottom of the site contains links to the most popular (based on the number of views since November 2006) news stories and photos. There's a lot of content here at BCS, so hopefully these features will help you all keep on top of what's new and what's hot.

As part of the redesign, several new photos have been added to the site. In particular, pay attention to the Coldplay and Chris Martin sections, which now have well over 100 photos each. New photos are being added to all sections all the time, so be sure to keep checking back.

I should also mention the Discussion Forum, which continues to get better and better by the day thanks to new Coldplay fans signing up all the time. It's truly amazing how many great Coldplay fans have become a part of the community. If you haven't joined yet, do it today. It's free, easy, and there are a ton of different topic areas to choose from.

If you'll remember, I added a web feed to the site as part of the previous redesign so that die-hard fans can get the latest Coldplay news immediately after I post it. For more information on that particular feature, read my news entry on the subject.

Finally, if you have ideas on how Bernie's Coldplay Site can be improved, I'm always listening!

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